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          St Francis Xavier


          The department aims to ensure that all pupils are supported and encouraged to maximise their full potential in mathematics.

          We aim to ensure pupils are equipped with mathematical knowledge, skills and processes to deal with real life situations that influence all of our lives. We always hope to challenge and stimulate pupils of all abilities. The department also provides a solid foundation for those pupils wishing to progress to A-level mathematics.

          Curriculum Team

          • Mr P Ingram (Curriculum Leader)
            Miss K. Appleby
            Mrs S. Burnham
            Mrs J. Prime (School Deputy HT)
            Mrs S. Hawkins (Mathematics and Science)

           Key stage 3 topics


          Keys stage 4 topics

          Full specification

          GCSE assessment

          AQA GCSE 9-1 New Specification 8300

          Pupils may be entered in to one of two tiers of entry

          Foundation (grades 5-1) or Higher (grades 9-4)

          Assessment objectives

          Assessment objectives (AOs) are set by Ofqual and are the same across all GCSE Mathematics specifications and all exam boards.

          The exams will assess the following AOs in the context of the content set out in the Subject content section.

          AO1: Use and apply standard techniques

          Students should be able to:

          accurately recall facts, terminology and definitions
          use and interpret notation correctly
          accurately carry out routine procedures or set tasks requiring multi-step solutions.

          AO2: Reason, interpret and communicate mathematically

          Students should be able to:

          make deductions, inferences and draw conclusions from mathematical information
          construct chains of reasoning to achieve a given result
          interpret and communicate information accurately
          present arguments and proofs
          assess the validity of an argument and critically evaluate a given way of presenting information.

          AO3: Solve problems within mathematics and in other contexts

          Students should be able to:

          translate problems in mathematical or non-mathematical contexts into a process or a series of mathematical processes
          make and use connections between different parts of mathematics 
          interpret results in the context of the given problem 
          evaluate methods used and results obtained 
          evaluate solutions to identify how they may have been affected by assumptions made.


          Wider curriculum

          Junior Mathematics Challenge (Y7 and Y8)

          Intermediate Mathematics Challenge (Y9, Y10 and Y11)

          Additional Mathematics GCSE 9641 (Y11 selected pupils)

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