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          St Francis Xavier


          The school uniform is such an important part of the identity of Saint Francis Xavier school. All students take pride in their appearance, they are proud to be recognised as a student of the school.  The uniform will help to make you feel part of the school community.

          If your uniform is incorrect then school will contact home. In the school planner and on the school website there is clear guidance on expectations. All students are expected to follow the guidance, if everyone is dressed the same, worrying about what you look like is less important and you can focus upon your studies. You will also have a list of sportswear. All students are issued with a locker and this is where you can store your PE kit when it is not needed and also your coat. All students will carry bags with their books in so please make sure you have a strong and practical bag in which to do this. Jewellery is restricted due to health and safety concerns and you may only wear one pair of plain ear studs, other facial and body piercings are not permitted. A watch and one flat ring may also be worn. Your jewellery, just like your appearance, is your responsibility.

          The uniform is really smart and comfortable and learning to knot a tie is not difficult at all!’ Isabella H

          Our uniform is comfy and it makes you feel part of the community’ Ella K

          I absolutely love my uniform it makes me feel part of something amazing!’ Tilly J.

          I believe the uniform brings us together as a school’ Talisia W

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