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          St Francis Xavier

          School Meals

          The School catering team, run by Mr Thomas has an outstanding reputation for producing high quality, healthy and very tasty food for pupils and staff at St Francis Xavier School.

           The daily menus are varied, offering a wide range of sandwiches, snacks and hot meals including an excellent range of vegetarian and globally inspired dishes.

          They are carefully planned to offer well balanced meals taking particular care with salt and sugar content and ensuring that there is plenty of options for growing children to get at least two of their five a day whether fruit or veg, in accordance with the governments guidelines.

          Price List

          Produce is from local suppliers and Mr Thomas and his team pride themselves or the traceability and quality of their ingredients.

          The school runs a cashless system where students use their thumbprint as recognition. The thumnbprint recognition system enables you to add credit to the account so that meals and snacks can be bought over the counter. Credit can be put on the card using the ParentPay system. 

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