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          Read our special edition newsletter packed with resources for young people, those who work with young people and parents. You can even find out how to send a message to Sir Jack!: //t.co/FJGOHESPiP //t.co/isbA8MBL5o


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          Have you checked out our pages yet? You'll find: 📚 Online storybooks 📚 Games and quizzes 📚 Competitions 📚 How to draw videos 📚 Rhymes 📚 Downloadable activities 📚 Recipes 基本上,这么多善良booky!头是这样的: //t.co/uoYIy4fucr //t.co/QcE6QfOomb


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          Join me, Chris Bradford, author of the Young Samurai and Bodyguard series for a virtual author visit like no other on Friday 10th April 2020 at 10am GMT! //t.co/r20UubxZwF


          晚上,刘女士日(PE负责人)将参加 每天坚持锻炼,明天上午9点。请随时加入... //t.co/RSodAxNLdW


          Remember to collect your learning packs from the primary office! Also have a look at this free resource now available to you all... //t.co/6g6IcsdS1g


          Retweetd From Gavin Williamson

          You should only send your child to school on Monday if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. 如果你能保持你的孩子在家里,你应该。 //t.co/n1B1gngVWr


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          😀 PE WITH JOE starting Monday morning at 9am on my YOUTUBE channel: The Body Coach TV 📺 Please please share this with as many people as you can ❤️ Our kids need this more than ever. Share it on your stories, your wall, your Twitter, whatsapp and school newsletters ❤️ //t.co/ioFGeFRpuK


          A busy library today as our students ensure they have plenty of reading material to keep them busy over the closure period! //t.co/ybS5nP4knB


          关键员工的父母 - 请参阅我们的网站上这些重要的信息。谢谢。 //t.co/fmxp5o6mBG


          So proud of you...


          Retweetd From Ryan Manning

          So so proud of the Y11s I worked with today who, despite all the uncertainty, still came in, still wanted to do the mock paper we planned, still want our feedback. You are amazing! 💪🤩🙌 //t.co/kDZQku66eK


          Dear Parents/Carers, In the light of the dynamic and changing nature of the situation regarding coronavirus Covid-19, we have created a remote working support area on our website for secondary pupils. Find out more //t.co/vYUIb7zS9Y


          Parents/Carers - Please note that any new information from the school about coronavirus, including details of possible school closures, can be found at //t.co/r91RP67GNr。这将始终拥有最新的信息。谢谢。


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          A-可能,查懋!伦敦青年运动会在三个sports-投球,篮球和橄榄球;超自豪我们thamesmead巨头! //t.co/ZyfWEIdHQW


          wowsers!我们已经做到了! 3米决赛赢了,我们要代表 at the in 3 different disciplines! //t.co/Cj8vUIWY0e


          To celebrate World Book Day, Year 8 had a fantastic time today in creative writing workshops and assemblies led by published author - 做得好杰克和艾米赢得雷尼的书的自由签署的副本!感谢您对雷尼来了! //t.co/YV7qgp9oTB


          Students raised £182 for


          我们bet36体育官网个学生福利大使昨日走访初级阶段的谈话中年龄较小的学生 and 。出色地完成我们的大使偕,爱玛,若碧,MIA,基马里和sonnie。阅读更多 //t.co/buPDfpZQSh //t.co/ObIJtChG4h

          Harris Academies
          All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.
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        • Bexley













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          Curriculum Overview

          The overarching aim of Harris Garrard Academy is to end cycles of poverty and disadvantage and improve the life chances for all students. By doing this, we improve the life of our local community.

          This page contains an overview of our curriculum across all Key Stages. Details of the curriculum for each subject (for primary, secondary and sixth form) can be viewed on our Subjects pages. Our curriculum policy can be downloaded from the Teaching and Learning page。对于有关课程,请联系克里斯汀gringeri更多信息 K.Gringeri@harrisgarrard.org.uk or 0208 320 4800.

          “我自己的有限的甚至是知识不能让我犯错误。只有当我坠入才能再次站起来”。 Vincent Van Gogh

          Garrard Prim 43The purpose of our curriculum

          我们的原则开始,所有的孩子都是平等的,有 equal entitlement to knowledge。我们的课程和高质量实现的创造性设计是不可或缺的我们 core values 在学院,每一个孩子,每一天。

          Knowledge in isolation from life experience has limited value and impact. Poorly-sequenced knowledge can cause uncertainty and confusion. We believe that knowledge must be


          因为他们通过学院的进步,学生的知识应用和智慧成倍增长,新的教他们 独立性,应变能力和性格 在其发展的每一个阶段。

          We encourage students and staff not to be afraid to make mistakes。人生是一场旅程,我们了解我们每犯一个错误后,新知识和新的应用技术。

          我们坚信,我们的课程不仅制定生活知识 all 我们的学生,但教他们如何最好地使用在他们的生活这方面的知识。

          Character is key

          我们的课程和教育经费的目标是制定如下 character traits in our students:

          Find out more about our character education.

          Curriculum choices



          High quality teaching is the medium by which skills, core knowledge and applied knowledge can be dissipated through a well-sequenced curriculum model. The nature of the Harris Federation makes us collaborative,

          504 Gateway Time-out

          Our curriculum, then, becomes a deliberate and explicit guarantor of equality as we work to close the limits to opportunity that exist in society. We ensure 我们所有的学生有机会获得知识的广泛和平衡的身体,无论人口和出发点504 Gateway Time-out

          Challenging and stimulating

          The high expectations we have of every single member of staff and the school community drive forward this mission to open opportunities for all young people in an area of deep disadvantage. The collaborative aims of the Federation and our academy mean we can draw on our understanding of the local context to create challenging and stimulating lessons and activities.

          504 Gateway Time-out



          Garrard Prim 15To provide all students with opportunities to access and engage with the best that has been thought and said, but also to help students comprehend that while knowledge is powerful it is also insecure, contested and evolving. We encourage our students to see themselves as contributing to scholarship.

          504 Gateway Time-out


          We recognise that “the curriculum” is not just a timetable and that engagement in co-curricular opportunities is encouraged at every stage through everything from the Co-curricular after school programme, Army Cadets, The Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Character Programme, the Harris Experience, the Federation Sports Day and the events that give platforms for all the talents.



          HG052At Harris Garrard we have carefully mapped out our schemes of work for every year group for the entire school year. Underpinning our schemes of work (long-term and medium-term plans) is the application of spacing and interleaving,我们相信这有助于学生提交的知识和技能纳入其 long-term memories as well as achieve subject mastery.



          You'll find a long-term plan for each subject on our subject pages.

          'Powerful Knowledge' conferences

          每个学生在bet36体育在线学院有机会参加了“Powerful Knowledge' Conference在学校举行每学期每年组。

          这次会议是与同学合租方式的一些策略,这将有助于他们进行编码的重要信息的 long-term memories

          今年8强大的知识介绍 (December 2019)

          今年9强大的知识介绍 (December 2019)

          EBacc - an academic curriculum

          作为成年人,我们知道,生命可以被要求要像我们的工作我们的方式,通过跌宕起伏,它带给。 责任,性质和弹性 是如此的重要,因为我们面对这些各种挑战迎面,同时试图保持积极,决心和抱负。

          这一愿望的一个关键因素是确保学生有发展通过这些核心技能的机会 高度的学术和具有挑战性的核心课程 which is blended with additional curriculum options that allow all students to access a range of qualifications. These qualifications will serve them well in life, whichever pathway they chose to take or door they decide to open.

          资格给在生活中的学生选择。他们打开大门,提供了新的机遇和履行。 为实现这一愿景,我们确保我们的课程是不是在关键阶段3缩短,并在关键阶段4没有缩小。

          在ebacc资格涉及留学生 英语,数学,科学,历史或地理和语言



          % of cohort entered for EBACC

          Number of subjects studied

          Year 11 in 2019-20

          Current Year 11


          Linguists study 10 subjects

          Non-linguists study 9 subjects

          Average number of subjects 9.6

          Year 11 in 2020-21

          Current Year 10


          Linguists study 10 subjects

          Non-linguists study 9 subjects

          Average number of subjects 9.6

          Year 11 in 2021-22

          Current Year 9

          78% (Core curriculum)

          Linguists study 10 subjects

          Non-linguists study 9 subjects

          Average number of subjects 9.6

          Year 11 in 2022-23

          Current Year 8

          80% (Core curriculum)

          Linguists study 10 subjects

          Non-linguists study 9 subjects

          Average number of subjects 9.6

          Year 11 in 2023-24

          Current Year 7

          85% (Core curriculum)




          When designing the curriculum at Harris Garrard Academy we have taken into account the local and national contexts to ensure that students are able to 访问地方和国家经济。 Our curriculum offers a combination of academic, vocational and co-curricular opportunities, allowing students to develop the knowledge and skills to access the local labour market if they wish to do so, or progress to university and beyond.

          下面的统计数据显示,人在不同的部门工作的百分比 within Thamesmead and local area: Professional 16.7%; Elementary 15.9%; Elementary administration and service 14.4%; Caring, leisure and other service 12.9%; Administrative and secretarial 12.6%; Caring personal service 9.9%; Administrative 9.9%; Sales and customer service 9.6%; Associate professional and technical 9.4%; Process, plant and machine operatives 8.6%.

          Find out more about our careers programme. Download our Local & National Employment Context for Curriculum Planning 2019-2022.

          Curriculum overviews for parents


          Year 8 Curriculum Overview 2019-20

          Year 9 Curriculum Overview 2019-20





          课程为每个主题的细节可以被视为我们的 Subjects pages. Our curriculum policy can be downloaded from the Teaching and Learning page.

          </body> Education


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