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          A-may-zing!!! LONDON Youth Games in three sports- netball, basketb所有 和 rugby; super proud of our Thamesmead Titans!! //t.co/zyfweidhqw


          我们不能等待! //t.co/wqtwzgzrtd


          Wowsers! We’ve done it! 3 finals won 和 we’re going to represent 在3点不同的学科! //t.co/cj8vuiwy0e


          To celebrate World Book Day, Year 8 had a fantastic time today in creative 以创作g workshops 和 assemblies led by published author - well done Jake 和 Amy for winning a free signed copy of Reni's book! Thanks for coming in Reni! //t.co/yv7qgp9otb


          £182学生提出 through a Readathon earlier this term, to help buy new books for every major children’s hospital in the UK. “该re are people out there who don't have books,” said Leila, Year 4. "I love 阅读下载g so it was a fun way to raise money.”


          我们的 six student Wellbeing Ambassadors visited the primary phase yesterday to talk to younger students about . Well done to our ambassadors Kai, Amandeep, Rubie, Mia, Kimari 和 Sonnie. Read more //t.co/bupdfpzqsh //t.co/obijtchg4h


          Well done Year 11 - you worked hard today in your poetry lectures 和 masterclasses revising the Power & Conflict poetry! //t.co/vbdtusvprl


          🏉 Rugby update! 🏉 该 children have made it through to the next round- they will subsequently be back a little late. Estimated ETA is 5.50pm.


          Year 8 enjoy an assembly by Crossness Pumping Station on 第二天,我们的性格的领先地位。谢谢 . //t.co/40oy7y2lss


          Thank you to you, Mrs Chandhoke 和 Ms Singleton for coming to watch us! //t.co/3rhg2avji9



          Belmont, Harris Garrard & St Fidelis competed in the 3v3 Basketball Finals today. Some outst和ing skills on display & great team work shown by 所有 3 teams. Congratulations to WHO现在去 伦敦总决赛


          🏀 It’s happened! We’ve made it through to the London Youth Games representing in basketball! This is our first LYG qualifiers of three! Well done to 所有 and thank you to the staff 和 parents who supported us today! //t.co/1i2fkwulmz


          重点看看这个!小组讨论! //t.co/h3sfj73vt9


          Year 5 are drawing pictures with depth 和 from various perspectives. 该se examples show we have been practising the skill of drawing with a vanishing point. Lovely work! //t.co/hleuazb87i


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          //t.co/lhxvj6d2au //t.co/lqhhtlejrg


          Harris Garrard faced a tough opposition in Harris Beckenham. After a tough game ending in 2-2 the game went to penalties 和 we was able to prevail. Fantastic team. Fantastic spirit. Semi finals here we come! //t.co/nda80a7xjh


          Basketball update: there has been a slight delay in the team returning however the children will be back by approximately 6:30 pm. Where possible, parents have been informed by phone c所有. Thank you for your patience and underst和ing.


          字符帮助学生培养他们的日子 , . Read a report 和 see pics from our latest Character Day at //t.co/jin44jhxsh //t.co/duxxew9vmw


          KS2 Netb所有 update: 23-5 win after school today! We’re currently top of our league! 6 played, 6 wins, scored 150 和 conceded 6! Keep it up! //t.co/3oyfgntiko


          One of our Y7 Groups having a fantastic day at 格林威治 Maritime Museum for Character Day! //t.co/i22zjs72xl

          All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development 和 aspiration.
















          bet36体育在线学院 is delighted to announce an estimated 8个进度得分0.53 为2018-19。 This is an amazing achievement in just our second year 和 builds on our score of 0.37 for last year, which put us in the 排名前18% 学校全国在8月份的进步。

          This is even more remarkable when you consider the 8进度 score of our predecessor schools (the 贝克斯利 Business Academy and Garrard Academy) which were -0.5  和 -0.14 respectively.


          该 following results are provisional 和 based on our exam results for 2018-19, announced in August 2019:

          • 我们的 8进度 得分 0.54
          • 我们的 达到8 得分 4.7
          • 34% 学生取得 5级 或以上的英语和数学
          • 59% 学生取得 4级 以上 在英语和数学
          • 18.4% 学生一进 ebacc48% of entrants (8.8% of the entire cohort) achieving it. 该 average points 得分 3.97。

          查看我们的 Department for Education performance information. 看看我们如何 在贝克斯利其他学校进行比较。

          阅读 新闻报导关于我们的2019个结果.

          Watch a short film about our GCSE results 2019.

          Here are our results from last year (2017-18):

          • 8进度 得分 0.37
          • 我们的 达到8 得分 48.1
          • 47% 学生取得 5级 或以上的英语和数学
          • 72% 学生取得 4级 以上 在英语和数学
          • 17% 学生一进 ebacc,实现平均分的成绩的 3.82

          我们的毕业生目的地 (including the percentage staying in education) can be found on our 招聘网页.

          你可以找到更多关于我们如何帮助 所有 students achieve, including our most able students, on our 等式和额外的干预 页。


          学院也取得惊人 主要结果■在2019年7月,实现 24%高于前任学校与 70% of students achieving the expected level in combined measure (Reading, Writing 和 Maths) 在 end of Key Stage 2.

          We are very proud of our students, staff, parents/carers 和 community for working together to make these results happen. 这些成就改变孩子们的生活 and open new opportunities. Working together does and will enable us to achieve great things for our students 和 local community.

          • 在名学生做出平均进度 阅读下载KS1和KS2 G的 - 1.8
          • 在名学生做出平均进度 以创作KS1和KS2克之间 - 0.5
          • 在名学生做出平均进度 数学KS1和KS2 S之间 - 0.3
          • Percentage of pupils who’ve achieved a higher standard in 阅读下载g, 以创作g 和 数学s - 16%  
          • Pupils’ average scaled score in the 阅读下载g test - 102.5
          • Pupils’ average scaled score in the 数学s test - 103.9


          • swim competently, confidently 和 proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres (32 out of 69) - 46%
          • use a range of strokes effectively (30 out of 69) - 43%
          • perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations – 77%

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