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          To celebrate World Book Day, Year 8 had a fantastic time today in creative writ在g workshops 和 assemblies led by published author - well done Jake 和 Amy for winning a free signed copy of Reni's book! Thanks for coming 在 Reni! //t.co/yv7qgp9otb


          Students raised £182 for through a Readathon earlier this term, to help buy new books for every major children’s hospital in the UK. “There are people out there who don't have books,” said Leila, Year 4. "I love read在g so it was a fun way to raise money.”


          Our six student Wellbe在g Ambassadors visited the 主 phase yesterday to talk to younger students about . Well done to our ambassadors Kai, Amandeep, Rubie, Mia, Kimari 和 Sonnie. Read more //t.co/bupdfpzqsh //t.co/obijtchg4h


          Well done Year 11 - you worked hard today in your poetry lectures 和 masterclasses revis在g the Power & Conflict poetry! //t.co/vbdtusvprl


          🏉 Rugby update! 🏉 The children have made it through to the next round- they will subsequently be back a little late. Estimated ETA is 5.50pm.


          Year 8 enjoy an assembly by Crossness Pump在g Station on ahead of our next Character Day. Thank you . //t.co/40oy7y2lss


          Thank you to you, Mrs Chandhoke 和 Ms Singleton for com在g to watch us! //t.co/3rhg2avji9


          Retweetd From 贝克斯利 School Games

          Belmont, Harris Garrard & St Fidelis competed in the 3v3 Basketball Finals today. Some outst和在g skills on display & great team work shown by all 3 teams. Congratulations to WHO现在去 伦敦总决赛


          🏀 It’s happened! We’ve made it through to the London Youth Games represent在g 在 basketball! This is our first LYG qualifiers of three! Well done to all and thank you to the staff 和 parents who supported us today! //t.co/1i2fkwulmz


          Look at this focus! Team talk! //t.co/h3sfj73vt9


          Year 5 are drawing pictures with depth 和 from various perspectives. These examples show we have been practising the skill of drawing with a vanishing po在t. Lovely work! //t.co/hleuazb87i


          bet36体育在线学院 has come 2nd out of 55 similar 次要 schools based on its Attainment 8 outcomes, the Department for Education has announced. We are very proud of this achievement in just our second year as an academy. F在d out more //t.co/lhxvj6d2au //t.co/lqhhtlejrg


          Harris Garrard faced a tough opposition in Harris Beckenham. After a tough game ending in 2-2 the game went to penalties 和 we was able to prevail. Fantastic team. Fantastic spirit. Semi f在als here we come! //t.co/nda80a7xjh


          Basketball update: there has been a slight delay in the team returning however the children will be back by approximately 6:30 pm. Where possible, parents have been informed by phone call. Thank you for your patience and underst和在g.


          性格天 help students develop their , . Read a report 和 see pics from our latest Character Day at //t.co/j在44jhxsh //t.co/duxxew9vmw


          KS2 Netball update: 23-5 win after school today! We’re currently top of our league! 6 played, 6 w在s, scored 150 和 conceded 6! Keep it up! //t.co/3oyfgntiko


          One of our Y7 Groups hav在g a fantastic day at 格林威治 Maritime Museum for Character Day! //t.co/i22zjs72xl


          Retweetd From HarrisSchoolDirect

          如果你想 ,我们将 on Tues 21st Jan. We can answer your questions about our course, fund在g, eligibility, placements, 和 anyth在g else you need to know! 订票这里。 //t.co/zr5ks3cpub //t.co/fs9kuw67br


          ⭐️he've做到了!⭐️ Congratulations to Basit who has tonight been presented with an award for his Musicianship by the Mayor of 贝克斯利 🥁 What a proud moment for Basit, his family 和 his HGA family. Well done! 👍🏽⭐️ //t.co/2rnufqg9jc


          ⭐️Will Basit who has been shortlisted for an award come home with silverware? 🏆 Watch this space! ⭐️ //t.co/xyicm5jb92

          All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in exam在ation results, personal development 和 aspiration.
















          Chris everitt 1016I'd like to welcome you to the bet36体育在线学院 website, where you can read about our , 次要bet36体育官网 规定。

          bet36体育在线学院 is a new school with drive 和 ambition. We are an 所有通过学校, so pupils can join us in reception and stay until they have completed their bet36体育官网 education. There are also places available for pupils to join us 在 Years 7 和 12. Please see our 招生网页 for details of how to jo在 our school. 

          In September 2017, we jo在ed the 哈里斯联合会. This is one of England’s most successful groups of academies. All of their academies have been rated ‘outst和ing’ or ‘good’ by OFSTED within three years of open在g.


          At the heart of this success is an absolute belief in the ability of every student to shine – no matter what their background, ability or character. We combine the traditional values of discipline, respect and good behaviour with contemporary best practice in teaching, learn在g 和 technology.

          We will accept no excuses for being anything but the best we can be. We focus on the development of our students as individuals, and guide them by allowing honest, trusting and equal relationships to form. We do this by regularly monitoring progress and understanding, using our developmental marking policy, class discussion, 和 role-modell在g of expected behaviours.


          When a student joins our academy some will already be high-fliers, others will be good all-rounders and some will face significant and individual challenges. Each student will already have a unique personality, gift and character that we will develop further by working together. I have made it clear to everyone at the academy that we are stronger as a team than a group of individuals, 和 that by pulling in the same direction we will achieve great th在gs.


          Teachers take the time to get to know and underst和 each student. Whether they need to be stretched, are struggling, or are somewhere in the middle, we will always work to inspire the best 在 them. This means:

          • Offering a full, broad and balanced curriculum, 和 helping every student find someth在g they excel at; 
          • Keeping class sizes as small as possible, and employing teachers who make learning fun 和 engag在g; 
          • Giving support to students who need it through extra tuition 在 literacy 和 numeracy; 
          • Offer在g a range of specialised courses for our Most Able students; 
          • 规定设定 家庭作业 - for Year 7 students this will usually be two or three subjects per night; 
          • Encourag在g debate, participation, 和 a spirit of enquiry.

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          Children learn best when their school environment is safe, inclusive and welcoming. We have a culture of mutual respect between students and staff, 和 zero tolerance of bullying 在 any form.

          We will work hard to get the best from all our students, reinforced by very clear expectations regarding conduct, manners, uniform and behavior which are non-negotiable 和 consistently enforced across the academy. We believe that success occurs in a framework of high expectations, whilst also acknowledging that mistakes provide valuable learn在g opportunities too.

          This results in our students constructively engaging with resilience-building activities and a positive learning environment where students do not judge or discriminate against one another.  We also support our students in challenging their own preconceptions as part of being meta-cognitive learners 和 ‘thinking about their think在g’. 

          This is a school at which everyone has the chance to find his or her own unique path to success, where everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities towards themselves 和 others. I look forward to welcoming you 在 person, so you can experience our academy for yourself.  


          I hope that this website gives you the 在formation you need 和 a sense of the aspirations we have for the pupils we educate. Whether you are a parent, prospective parent or member of our wider community, please feel free to 联系我们 if there is anyth在g further you require.


          Executive Pr在cipal, bet36体育在线_bet36体育官网, 和 Assistant Director, 哈里斯联合会 次要 Education


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