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          Evening all, Ms Day (Head of PE) will be taking part in daily workout tomorrow at 9am. Please feel free to join ... //t.co/rsodaxnldw


          Remember to collect your learning packs from the primary office! Also have a look at this free resource now available to you all... //t.co/6g6icsds1g



          You should only send your child to school on Monday if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. If you are able to keep your child at home, you should. //t.co/n1b1gngvwr



          😀 PE WITH JOE starting Monday morning at 9am on my YOUTUBE channel: The Body Coach TV 📺 Please please share this with as many people as you can ❤️ Our kids need this more than ever. Share it on your stories, your wall, your 推特, whatsapp 和 school newsletters ❤️ //t.co/iofgefrpuk


          A busy library today as our students ensure they have plenty of reading material to keep them busy over the closure period! //t.co/ybs5np4knb


          Key worker parents - please see this important information on our website. Thank you. //t.co/fmxp5o6mbg








          Dear Parents/Carers, In the light of the dynamic 和 changing nature of the situation regarding coronavirus Covid-19, we have created a remote working support area on our website for secondary pupils. Find out more //t.co/vyuib7zs9y


          //t.co/r91rp67gnr. This will always have the very latest information. Thank you.

          跟着我们 @harrisgarrard


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          A-may-zing!!! LONDON Youth Games in three sports- netball, basketball 和 rugby; super proud of our Thamesmead Titans!! //t.co/zyfweidhqw


          我们不能等待! //t.co/wqtwzgzrtd


          Wowsers! We’ve done it! 3 finals won 和 we’re going to represent 在3点不同的学科! //t.co/cj8vuiwy0e


          To celebrate World Book Day, Year 8 had a fantastic time today in creative writing workshops 和 assemblies led by published author - well done Jake 和 Amy for winning a free signed copy of Reni's book! Thanks for coming in Reni! //t.co/yv7qgp9otb


          学生们提出了£182 through a Readathon earlier this term, to help buy new books for every major children’s hospital in the UK. “There are people out there who don't have books,” said Leila, Year 4. "I love reading so it was a fun way to raise money.”


          Our six student Wellbeing Ambassadors visited the primary phase yesterday to talk to younger students about . Well done to our ambassadors Kai, Amandeep, Rubie, Mia, Kimari 和 Sonnie. Read more //t.co/bupdfpzqsh //t.co/obijtchg4h


          Well done Year 11 - you worked hard today in your poetry lectures 和 masterclasses revising the Power & Conflict poetry! //t.co/vbdtusvprl


          🏉 Rugby update! 🏉 The children have made it through to the next round- they will subsequently be back a little late. Estimated ETA is 5.50pm.


          Year 8 enjoy an assembly by Crossness Pumping Station on ahead of our next Character Day. Thank you . //t.co/40oy7y2lss


          Thank you to you, Mrs Chandhoke 和 Ms Singleton for coming to watch us! //t.co/3rhg2avji9
















          家庭作业 - Consolidating 课程 Knowledge

          On this page we explain our approach to homework 和 how students use it to consolidate their curriculum knowledge. You can also 下载我们的知识组织者 该术语。

          家庭作业 is important because it enables students to:

          • 继续学习 在教室外
          • 整合新收购knowledge, revise prior learning 和 practise skills
          • 发展 自学科领域e, perseverance 和 confidence to study independently
          • 涉及父母/照顾者 在他们的学习。

          In the secondary phase, students should spend the following amount of time completing their homework each evening:

          • Year 7, 8 and 9 - between 30 minutes 和 one hour
          • Years 10 and 11 - between one 和 two hours
          • 12年和13 - 至少两个小时

          The above timings are guidelines. In the lead-up to tests 和 exams, student must recognise th在 more time they spend working independently, the greater their chance of success will be.

          作业的例子和课堂作业,可以在我们可以看到 很好的学习 页。


          Each half term we produce homework booklets (which we call '知识组织者) for all students in the secondary phase. These outline what homework is expected on each day, for a whole term. All students are given a copy of their Knowledge Organisers but they can also be downloaded below.

          Year 7 Knowledge Organiser - 2019-20 term 2b

          Year 8 Knowledge Organiser - 2019-20 term 2b

          Year 9 Knowledge Organiser - 2019-20 term 2b (to follow shortly)

          Year 10 Knowledge Organiser - 2019-20 term 2b

          查看并下载 从2019-20所有的知识组织者504 Gateway Time-out 从2019-20所有的知识组织者.


          Intent: Why do we use knowledge organisers?

          504 Gateway Time-out

          Our short-term memory is designed to be just that and has limited capacity. Pupils find themselves unable to retain the information, they become stressed 和 often give up, convincing themselves they are no good at revising or th在y “can’t do subject ‘x’ ”.

          The secret to success is to regularly revisit the knowledge to be learned (known as ‘spaced retrieval’). This helps transfer the knowledge from the short-term memory to the long-term memory. This not only helps to make ‘stick’ but it also frees up our short-term memory for day-to-day learning 和 experiences.

          Implementation 和 impact: How will a knowledge organiser help my child?

          How will a knowledge organiser help me to help my child?


          bet36体育在线 learning 和 knowledge development

          Teachers will set regular retrieval homework for students from their knowledge organisers 和 在 start of lessons, the “Do Now” activity will test students’ ability to recall this powerful knowledge. In addition to this, three homework tasks are detailed on the knowledge organiser, these are:

          1. 审查任务根据先前的学习。
          2. A consolidation task, based on current learning
          3. A research task based on future learning.

          Above and beyond the task outlines above, we would recommend that pupils spend thirty minutes per evening in Key Stage 3 和 an hour in Key Stage 4 learning the knowledge detailed in the organiser.

          Here are some strategies that might help you to support your son/daughter.

        • Get them to make a glossary (list) of key words with definitions or a list of formulae.
        • Try recording the knowledge from the organiser as an mp3 sound file that your child can listen to. Some pupils retain more information this way.
        • Read sections out to them, missing out key words or phrases th在y have to fill in. Miss out more 和 more until they are word perfect.

        • 预先计划的作业任务

          504 Gateway Time-out


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