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          A final socially distanced assembly was the right way to say a goodbye to our superb staff and students. Some moving onto new adventures 和 others to return in September for more exciting times at ! //t.co/z7gcgmrwao


          免费年轻 对于年幼的孩子谁有资格获得免费校餐夏令营。在细节 //t.co/kk3jhcc9db //t.co/idsjsakslf


          亲爱的同学们,不要忘记 //t.co/98zz3ylipe 可整个夏天。 是旨在支持在线服务您 - 提供一个安全可靠的方式来获得心理健康和福利支持。了解更多, //t.co/xxt48awbdo //t.co/upwny65p2i


          15-17? “继续做好”与 这个夏天! 志愿服务经验 使我们的当地社区产生积极影响 学习新技能 Join thous和s of young people who have signed up to ‘Keep Doing Good’ by pledging your time this summer at ➡ //t.co/vew11633xq //t.co/crom3jzc8a


          How will your child travel to school in Sept? We want to encourage all students to make their way to school safely when we reopen. Please help us by completing very short survey. It will take a minute or less! Thank you. //t.co/waqgr08z02


          免费在线微型模块来帮助开发妈妈在今年夏天他们的技术技能。 //t.co/hm4s3qozin


          从harrisschooldirect retweetd

          辉煌!多么美好的团队 有一个美好的夏季,所有我们希望看到您的到来。 //t.co/ji0i6o4g5k


          Dear HGA Students... here is a video message from your teachers to wish you a happy summer and to say how much we are looking forward to seeing you next year. We hope you enjoy it 和 it makes you 😃//t.co/dzwkjwgfip


          年轻格林威治结成合作伙伴 已经把活动的一个优秀的在线暑期计划。更多信息请参阅 //t.co/ll6tjr8pfj


          Check out the 'audiobook' file on Student SharePoint to listen to the English Department reading Elizabeth Laird's 'Oranges in No Man's L和' aloud! Here's an excerpt of Ms Hall reading Chapter 3 📚 //t.co/jnfwmfs52e


          KS3! A reminder that you have ONE WEEK LEFT to submit your entries to the Lockdown Creative Writing Competition! See remote learning slides for more details 和 get your poems into the English Department ASAP! We can't wait to read them. //t.co/usxd2l5ips


          一个很好的艺术想法,你可能想尝试! //t.co/uls2bqulqa


          从harrisboys'academy retweetd

          Have your say on the themes 和 issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement. Write a story in 500 words for the 竞争。类别5-9和10-13岁。关闭7月3日。你能行的! //t.co/cprttbnxcg //t.co/88urclcxoc


          从harrisboys'academy retweetd

          'A Parent's Guide to Black Lives Matter' - resources, activities 和 tips for families to empower children to work 对种族平等。查看和下载的 //t.co/qv2guxnjgw //t.co/pzfjcxik7c


          你会在找到成千上万的在线数字图书 //t.co/34vpsjq6nw - and our students have a FREE login. You'll find full details (和 other reading ideas) on the 读家 page of our website //t.co/xclddfyyg6 //t.co/rxtp8v93ks


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          Art is a great way for kids to get creative, so why not enter our competition; 'Get Arty'. For a chance to win a £30 voucher all you have to do is take a photo, create a picture or write a poem of/or about nature.Enter here: //t.co/dwljo6d9d0. //t.co/r2fdibwgwz



          We’re pleased to launch today TALKLINE - a free telephone counselling service for anyone feeling anxious, stressed, lonely or isolated. Open 5-9pm Mon-Fri 和 9-9pm Sat/Sun. Funded by 为了帮助我们帮助您通过covid-19 //t.co/71dwnzq5mu


          If you need uniform for September why not order it online now? Please order by August 7th at the latest, but earlier if you can, to make sure you have what you need for September. Full details at //t.co/vrbplhpman //t.co/1e33l7abou


          从thamesmeadnow retweetd

          你是不是一个 resident who wants to explore the beauty of nature around you? We want local residents, of any age, to create an art piece inspired by nature 和 enter a competition. Deadline 12pm Tue 30 June 2020. More info here: //t.co/dwljo6d9d0 //t.co/54haqm4nix



          ⚠️alert:犯罪分子瞄准snapchat在威胁要透露他们的私人照片敲诈骗局用户。 We've had over 300 reports since January. If you've been a victim of an extortion scam, report it to your local police force. //t.co/ozpaiey8lk

          All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development 和 aspiration.
















          学院提供范围广泛 课外方案 旨在培育,发展和延伸学生的才能和兴趣。

          We want all pupils to be exposed to every possible opportunity that they might not have in their everyday life. Through the programme, students can gain the knowledge 和 cultural capital they need to become 负责,有效和积极的公民.

          下载我们的课外活动列表日 - 1月2020(PDF).

          Many of the co-curricular activities are open to students across both the primary 和 secondary phase. This provides a chance for students to develop social skills by 所有年龄段的学生交流。阅读 我们的俱乐部,旅行和参观最新的新闻报导.

          学生被告知有关通过哈里斯新闻活动和他们的导师。在中学阶段,我们主机 合作课程公平 each September. This is an opportunity for pupils to speak with the staff leading activities and to sign up for an activity. Permission slips are sent home so that parents are not only aware of the activities their child will attend, but also to encourage them to attend more 和 take an active role in this.


          除了活动上面列出,该学院每年都会举办 圣诞音乐会夏季展。小学阶段的学生参加每周一次 森林学校 课。最有能力的学生参加 辉煌的俱乐部 – a programme through which students are tutored by PhD students 和 then write a university-style essay. bet36体育官网 students participate in the 爱丁堡奖励计划的公爵.

          作为哈里斯学院,我们也的一部分 哈里斯经验. This programme has been designed for the most able students from Year 9 onwards. It exposes them to a range of cultural experiences that take their learning well beyond the curriculum. Recent examples range from learning the art of auctioneering at Christie’s to a day of lectures at the University of Oxford.


          Registers are taken at every co-curricular activity so that we can track exactly who is attending which clubs, how many and how often. This is useful information for the school so that we can ensure that every pupil at HGA is given proper guidance in choosing activities 和 are positively reinforced; more pupils will then have access to these important activities. This information will also allow us to evaluate the co-curriculum programme regularly.

          At the end of the 2018-19, pupils completed a survey in which they told us that they really enjoyed our activities and that they wanted more, which is excellent! This year we are offering more activities in response to these results. The activity that students requested the most was football - pupils want more football teams, 和 so this has been carefully planned out with the PE department.


          还有的俱乐部,我们的体育系运行我们的bet36体育在线每周培训课程 运动队:

          • 今年7个女孩投球
          • 今年8个女孩投球
          • 今年7个弟兄们踢足球
          • 今年8个男孩足球
          • Year 7 & 8 girls football

          下载我们从以前的条款课外俱乐部的名单: 2019年11月.

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